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International Keyword Research


Can you sell beamers in Bavaria?

“I dinged my Beamer” means you put a dent in your BMW to a North American. To a German, it means you are trying to somehow ring your overhead projector like a bell. Even in Munich, which is home to BMW, overhead projectors are known as Beamers. As you can see, product names can quickly get mixed up across different cultures and across different target audiences. And that means your target audience is probably using different terms in their search engines to find what they’re looking for – or what you’re offering.


Here’s another example. Try using a thumbs-up image on your home page. Works great in most of Europe and North America where it means “Way to go.” Of course, you just lost all hope of doing business in parts of Greece, Thailand and Afghanistan, because in those countries its meaning is much more insulting and crude (hint: starts with F and ends with U).

Adapting your messaging to be found around the globe

If you’re looking to sell your products in different countries and markets, most of which will have languages and values that differs from your home market, you’ll have to adapt your messaging so that your product:

1. resonates with your target audience; and
2. so that your website can be found easily online, regardless of geography

iSEO.works –
your international SEO specialist

Enter iSEO.works. Your specialist in international SEO. We are a company devoted to finding solutions to all the linguistic and cultural challenges you might face with your international SEO strategy for your website. More than just the words, it is about understanding the full cultural and linguistic implications for the multitude of cultures that you are targeting with your website.

iSEO.works –
helping you create a global storefront

Your website is your storefront to the world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like the door through which your customers enter your store. A rude thumbs-up gesture or trying to sell overhead projectors for a thousand times their usual price instantly slams that door shut on an entire market.

Don’t risk offending your potential customers. Let us help you create a globally aware and culturally sensitive website that is geared toward getting found in a digital world that relies heavily on search engines.

iSEO.works –
keywords are now king

In the marketing world we’ve all heard the maxim, “content is king.” But in the world of web-based content marketing, this is only partially true. After all, not using the right keywords for the right international search engines would be like putting a king on a throne without a crown. Crowns make kings stand out from the crowd.

And with the right keywords, your content can rise up the ranks to stand out from the thousands of other search results for a given product or topic you’re trying to promote. In short: “Keywords are king.” And that’s something we’ve mastered. Internationally.

How to conduct International Keyword Research?

Any successful international keyword research project starts with the right keyword strategy. Together, we will define your goals for every single market, check for existing search engine rankings and define your target audience.

With state-of-the-art keyword research tool like Semrush, we can identify the keywords with the right search volume and a keyword difficulty that matches your domain authority. At the end of this process we will have a defined keyword list that we will target.

Why do we need professional keyword research tools?

Back in the days, tools like the Google Keyword Planner could be used for any multilingual keyword research. As of today, the Google Keyword Planner only gives detailed information about search volume to paying Google Ads customers. Paid keyword research tools not only deliver insights about search volumes for the various search terms. They also show how difficult it can get and therefore how likely it will be for you to rank for a specific keyword. This is of great value for any SEO strategy because, if you base your SEO strategy on search terms that are too difficult to rank for, your international SEO campaign will fail.

iSEO.works –
end-to-end strategic solutions

From our initial Onpage Analysis and Strategic International SEO Consulting, to Linkbuilding and Search Engine Advertising and Marketing (SEA/SEM), we can help you internationally optimize your website every step of the way, with both organic (i.e. SEO) and paid (i.e. SEA and SEM) strategies. Most importantly, we help ensure that you can sell any product in any territory. We have the global awareness and international cultural expertise to make it happen. Talk to us today to find out more.

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