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What is Long Tail Strategy and What are Long Tail Keywords?

Learn how long tail strategy works and why long tail keywords are so valuable in the SEO world, especially in the world of International SEO.

It’s no secret that SEO is the key to successful online marketing. In recent years, more and more businesses have begun to understand that using the power of search and social media to reach new customers is absolutely necessary for standing out from the competition in a crowded marketplace.

Choosing the right keywords for SEO is crucial for effective digital marketing. When you want to improve rank results in search, your business needs to be more specific with the keywords you implement for driving customers to your online presence.

This article takes a look at why long tail strategy is so important for optimizing SEO results. Keep reading to get the inside scoop for taking your marketing power to the next level.

What Does Long Tail Mean?

First, you need to understand the meaning of the term “long tail keyword”. Basically, this is the use of keywords with a lower search volume vs. broad keywords which are more generic but usually have a higher search volume. Usually, they are less competitive, so it is more likely to get a good ranking for them. This is a very powerful way to focus on a niche or slowly build up domain authority.

Chris Anderson is credited with coining the term in his book “The Long Tail.” This book successfully illustrated how the vastness of the internet actually makes it possible to achieve tremendous success with even the most niche product.

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

As stated above, a long tail keyword is very specific. This allows a customer to find you by essentially eliminating extraneous products and subject matter in order to produce far more specific search results.

Keep in mind that it’s extremely easy to get lost in generalities. For example, if a customer’s search includes only the word “guitars”, the results will be generic and overwhelming. On the other hand, with long tail examples such as “Canadian luthiers”, the results will be much more specific and helpful.

Why is this a Good Marketing Strategy?

The long tail approach to keywords might not seem important on the surface, and yet a long tail marketing strategy actually helps to establish a far more effective line of communication between you and your customers.

Because this strategy is more specific, you will obviously attract less traffic, and yet the traffic you draw will be significantly more valuable to your business.

In other words, the use of strategic implementation of long tail keywords will yield the exact customers that you are trying to reach, which will result in higher ROI.

   The Importance of Having a Clear Mission

In order to reach your target customer, your mission needs to be clearly defined. Why? Because clarity of mission helps you identify the keywords that will be most effective in drawing paying customers who are seeking the exact product or service that you’re offering. Anything else is typically a waste of time, money, and effort.

A Guide to Using Long Tail Strategy

Good digital marketing is more important today than ever before. That’s why your business needs to understand the full potential of SEO for driving traffic to your website. Fortunately, using the long tail strategy will help you get the most for every marketing dollar you spend in online advertising. A good strategy is worthless without proper execution of this strategy. This is where the art of keyword research comes to play.

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