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What are SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)? Put simply, it’s those search results that show up before the other search results. They usually say “Ad” and may have review stars or other things that make them stand out.

Why is that? Basically, because you pay for SEA and SEM. You don’t pay for SEO. In other words, Google makes more money with SEA and SEM. And if Google makes money, they want you to make money, too. This means you might also consider paid search as you put together your search engine strategies for the future.

A marathon and a sprint

Think of SEO as a Marathon. Focused and sustained optimization over time will lead to long term and lasting results. That is why we start with an analysis of your international SEO.
SEA and SEM is a sprint. It can help you speed to the front, but you can easily get winded and fall right out of the race.

The simple solution: Run the marathon and the sprint. With the keyword once again being the common denominator, and 50% of the effort involving the Search Engine in SE, there is an ideal synergy between SEO and SEA/SEM. Once you master your organic keywords, the sky is the limit in terms of paying to put your key results at the top.

Showing up above position #1

With the keyword now king and position #1 the king’s treasure, paying to get above number one has to be considered as you optimize your website for search engines. But this is not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to blow 100,000 dollars a day and many companies are. It’s easy to make SEM your exclusive marketing strategy and blow a million dollars a day on it, and indeed, some companies are doing this, too.

The key point is: When you master the art of keyword and start showing up #1, then you can move up even higher with SEA and SEM. At iSEO.works we can show you how. But what’s the right mix of paid versus organic? Think of it as:

Regardless of whether everything has changed, the bottom line is we live in exciting world where things are rapidly changing, especially online. And everything you know about marketing has to be revisited and reevaluated. At iSEO.works we can show you the way. Talk to us today to find out more at email.

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