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Today, you become a pro of internal linking

Yesterday, we talked about internal linking and its benefits. Today, we’ll show you a trick that can help you take the game to the next level.

Whenever you link to another page on your website, use an anchor text that illustrates what readers can find when clicking. Yes, it means you should use the exact keyword that you’re targeting on the page you link to. It also means you should never use words like “this article,” “more,” or “here” for internal linking.

As we said yesterday, internal linking includes serious planning. You want to use a spreadsheet and write down the pages that need links and their anchor texts. Then, consult this list every time you plan your content. Why bother? How do you maximize the power of internal link building?

When more pages on your site link to the same resource on your website using the same anchor text, you tell search engines that they should index it as very relevant to the corresponding keyword. In time, the page will rank better to this keyword and, with a little luck, to related keywords.

Sounds great, right?

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