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seo challenge day 17

Learn to locate duplicate content

Duplicate content is more common than you can imagine – almost 30% of the pages have low ranking due to it. It occurs when the same content is accessible and indexed at different URLs. It’s bad for SEO because search engines can’t identify the best possible search results and your pages fight for the same traffic. Another effect of duplicate content is keyword cannibalism, which means that two or more pages from the same website target the same keyword and compete against each other.

If search engines can’t decide which is the best version of your website, your pages won’t achieve top rankings. The solution? You should identify any situations in which your website lists duplicate content and fix them.

duplicate content

So, for today’s task in the 30-day SEO challenge, you need to locate duplicate content on your website.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Check if your site is accessible in multiple variants: with or without www., Http or Https. When this happens, the easiest way to fix this is with 301-Redirects to the version that you want.
  • Look for content that is indexed also as print versions or PDF. In this case, you want to block these pages by disallowing crawlers to index them.
  • Verify if you have similar pages that can be indexed as duplicate content. If so, try to merge pages or rewrite the content.
  • If you syndicate content, check for the link back to the original article. Also, make sure websites that publish your syndicated material use the “no index” meta tag so that search engines don’t index the page.

One easy way to check for duplicate content is by using online duplicate content checkers or plagiarism checkers. You copy and paste the text, and the tool will show you whether there’s similar content available online or not. You can start right away using our free Plagiarism checker.

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