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seo challenge day 20

It’s time for some content analysis

One of the most used sentences in SEO is “Content is king.” In simple words, no matter how you master the technical part of SEO, if your content doesn’t add value or is poorly written, you can’t maintain top rankings.

For the 20th day of our 30-day SEO challenge, we’re going to analyze your existing content using the WDF*IDF formula. It’s an instrument that analyzes specific terms in a text to help you improve the efficiency of your content. How does it work? An algorithm compares your content with similar pieces from top-ranking websites using the primary keyword as reference.


WDF stands for within document frequency and refers to how often specific keywords appear in your text. IDF means inverse document frequency and analyzes how popular these keywords are on the other websites.

By mixing these two values, you get a graphic of the optimal distribution of specific terms within your content for SEO purposes. Luckily, you don’t have to do the math. The WDF*IDF analysis is an automated process. You only type in the keyword you target and upload your text, then the software does the hard work. It will identify the best ranking pages for your keyword and run a comparative semantic analysis on your content.

In the end, you get a list of words that appear in all the web content that performs well and suggestions of how you should use these terms to enrich your piece.

Your tasks for today:

  • Find a WDF*IDF tool. We recommend SEOlyze
  • Start checking some of your texts using the most relevant keywords as reference.
  • Based on the results, try to improve at least one piece of content on your website.

Remember that your content should be authentic and unique to delight your readers and build trust. When you perform WDF*IDF analysis, you may be tempted to change the entire content to match other websites. However, this isn’t the purpose of this tool. You want to follow the guidelines and have the right words in the text, but the software can’t tell you what matters to your audience or what approach is more suitable to your business. That’s for you to decide.

See you tomorrow with more tips and tricks for content curation.

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