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seo challenge day 22

Get the most out of your old content

Yesterday, you learned how to use other people’s content to get traffic. But content curation alone can only do so much. It’s better if you also learn how to use your old content to boost SEO and reach more people. This isn’t a revolutionary way to revamp your website.

All marketers recycle content, not just to increase content marketing ROI, but also because it’s good for SEO. Search engines favor refreshed content and register any new modification to reward up-to-date information.

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How can you recycle your content?

  • Rewrite pieces that are outdated or have lost their relevance due to other reasons.
  • Add more details to blogs or articles that lack consistency.
  • Change the angle of the topic if you can bring something new to your audience.
  • Change old stats with recent ones where updated information is available.
  • Create new formats from existing pieces–infographics, video, podcasts, case studies, and everything you can repurpose into a different form to make it easier to digest.

Let’s say that you have a valuable white paper that, most probably, cost you significant resources. After a few months, you realize that it’s a little hard to read for people who are just getting in touch with your industry or your product. You want to deliver the information in that document in smaller chunks, with additional explanations that facilitate understanding the content.

You can start a series of blog posts and combine them with one or two infographics or some video tutorials, depending on your skills. You can also use the information to put together an email campaign in which you present the white paper’s main ideas and encourage recipients to download it for more details.

No matter what you choose, it’s going to require few resources, as you already have all the content necessary to open a conversation. The return on your investment in the white paper grows as you get to show it to more people and reach your business goals.

So, how do you start content recycling?

  • Make an inventory of your existing content to see what can be improved and find ways to repurpose it to make it more appealing.
  • Make a calendar in which you plan content modifications to increase productivity.
  • Go to analytics to see what content performs better, what keywords you rank for, and where your readers spend the most time on your website. Use data to create better content when you recycle.
  • When you publish a new piece (or update the old content on the page), don’t forget about optimizing the title, URL, and meta description.

One last thing to remember when recycling content! Whenever you update a page, make sure you don’t create any duplicate content.

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