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seo challenge day 23

Keep your content-code rate high

We’re not sure you’ve heard this before, but the content-code rate (a.k.a. text-HTML rate) can influence user experience and indirectly impact SEO. It’s an indicator that shows how much content you publish compared to your site’s overall structure.

Every time you create a new page, you need code to support the structure even if you don’t add any content. The more elements you add on the page, the more considerable the code necessary to display everything correctly. If you publish too short texts on your pages, the ratio between content and code drops. Crawlers may see it as a sign that your website isn’t valuable enough for visitors and penalize it.

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To calculate your text-to-code ratio, you can use online checkers – whatsmyip.org provides a free one, for example. No one can tell for sure which the ideal proportion is, but most developers agree that you should aim for a text to code ratio higher than 25%, and anything between 25 and 70% is excellent for SEO.

Your task for today is to check the text to HTML ratio of your website.

What can you do if the checker reveals values under 25%?

  • Consider adding text to the pages that have low text-to-code rates.
  • If your page design includes vast white spaces, consider eliminating some of them.
  • Evaluate the implications of reducing source code by removing unnecessary elements from your page.
  • When possible, use CSS for formatting to reduce the amount of HTML code on the page.
  • Remove any hidden text, as it doesn’t add value to your website visitors.
  • Avoid tablets or large images.
  • Make sure that comments don’t get included in the code.

It’s much information to process for one day, but keeping the text-HTML ratio high is necessary to improve loading speed and user experience, two metrics that influence your rankings. Leave a comment below if you need any help. See you tomorrow!

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