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seo challenge day 26

Let’s go through some Google Analytics tricks!

Any website owner should have a Google Analytics account. It’s an excellent free tool for an in-depth analysis of your visitors’ behavior on your page. The best part is that you can start small and increase analysis options as you become more familiar with it.

So, if you’re an absolute beginner, you can still benefit from using this intuitive web analysis tool.

First, you’ll need a Google Analytics account connected to a standard Google account that you manage. You don’t want to sign up with the email address of a developer or VA. One day, these people will go away, and you’ll have to start from scratch.

1. Setting an account

Once your Google account is ready, you go to Google Analytics, sign up, and create an account for your website. You’ll choose a name and introduce website information. The next step is getting your tracking code by clicking the Get Tracking ID button. You need to install it on every page that you wish to track.

Platforms and content management systems have different rules for integrating the code snippet that permits tracking. None of them requires coding skills, so most people manage to do it using the instructions in the Help section.

2. Making the most out of your Google Analytics account

  • Start by setting clear goals and let Google know what you wish to achieve. You can opt for email notifications so that you automatically receive news about any significant changes.
  • Make a list of the metrics and KPIs that are most important to your business and keep an eye on how every modification influences website performance. This way, you’ll know what works and what you need to improve to increase ROI.
  • Always compare data with similar previous periods.

When you install tracking codes on your site, don’t forget to let website visitors know that you’re storing data and plan to use it for decision-making. Adjusting privacy policy is essential for complying with regulations in almost all countries.

You can’t learn Google Analytics in one day. If you need to set everything up at once, you should ask for assistance, but if you’re just starting, you may want to consider doing things one step at a time until you become familiar with all the features.

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