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seo challenge day 28

How social are you?

Social networks can skyrocket the number of website visitors.

Social media don’t influence SEO directly, but they increase brand awareness, generate relevant traffic, and boost interactions. Plus, you get to create highly-customized communication channels with your audience. When people find you on social media first, they don’t accidentally get to your website, which leads to improved user experience, extra time spent on your page, and increased chances to convert.

As part of the 30-Day SEO challenge, make sure that your social media channels and website are connected. This way, followers and website visitors have quick access from one touchpoint to another. People who get on your website should have the possibility to follow you on social media with one click. On the other hand, people who find you on social networks should be able to get on your website directly from your business page.

Social Media Manager

Here are some social media best practices for traffic generation:

  • Every social network has different rules and audiences, so you want to adapt your messages to streamline communication with every one of your online communities.
  • Promote your content on social media using different approaches for each network.
  • Practice social listening to learn to speak as your target public does. Follow relevant hashtags in your industry, look at how influencers promote topics on each channel or analyze your competitors’ pages.
  • Build a social media plan and post regularly to keep your audience connected to your brand.
  • Add visual content to your social media posts to capture attention and use CTAs to engage your fans and followers.
  • Measure your social media activity, see what messages perform, and use data to create compelling content and increase traffic.

Your tasks for today:

  • Set clear goals. Start with a list of your social media channels and decide how you want to use each of them to ensure business growth.
  • Personal accounts are excellent sources of traffic, but they can’t replace business pages. If you don’t have a business page on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or other networks relevant to your industry, you should create one.
  • Make sure you add your website on all social media pages. Also, display social buttons on your website and encourage people to connect with you on any channel that they’re comfortable using.

Building a community around your brand using social media doesn’t happen overnight. It requires dedication and a willingness to communicate with your followers when they want. In the world of social media, success belongs to those who are available and patient. Come back tomorrow for more tips on how to improve SEO.

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