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Creation of Wikipedia Pages

Tired of coming second, third, or even tenth in search results, ALWAYS after Wikipedia?
You’re not alone. For most companies out there, Wikipedia is the harshest SEO competitor
as it dominates Google search results for 99% of queries.

The only way to win this battle is if you are ON Wikipedia.
Yes, it’s time you had your own Wikipedia page!

Why Wikipedia?

  • 100/100 domain authority in OpenSiteExplorer
  • The 9th most popular website in the world, according to Alexa.com
  • 500 million unique visitors a month, according to comScore
  • Ranks for 99% of keywords
  • The market leader in the niche of online encyclopedias

Wikipedia page writing services

If Wikipedia can boost your brand’s visibility, how come most companies don’t have pages?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, not a catalogue for large and small businesses. If you publish a page about your company for commercial purposes, you’re very likely to have it taken down in less than two weeks. Only valuable and neutral content is approved by editors. We’re talking exhaustive articles that take intensive research to write following very rigid Wikipedia guidelines.

Our Wikipedia page creators have mastered their writing skills over many years. They’ve learnt how to cope with a long list of instructions and rules. We have implemented a long-studied process of content creation that enables writers to stick to our customers’ needs, without breaking the rules.

We GUARANTEE compliance, privacy and a minimum of six months live on Wikipedia.

How we do it

►A preliminary selection process. Wikipedia has a “notability” rule that says people, companies, and topics should be worthy of having a separate page. In simple words, before you can have a Wikipedia page, you need to have plenty of information online written about you, your product, or your company. If we can’t find enough data to support a Wikipedia page, we won’t proceed with the Wikipedia page creation. We only take on projects that have a chance of being accepted. But don’t we worry, if you’re lacking coverage in the media, we can help you out with our link building team.

►Thorough research. Wikipedia doesn’t accept original content that isn’t backed by verified facts and figures. Everything you publish should be authentic and come from reliable, independent online sources – not your website, blog, press releases, or pages that are known for posting paid content. We search high and low on the internet to find the most relevant and up-to-date references that can increase the value of your page (and its chances of being accepted by editors).

►In-depth, well-formatted content. We create tailored articles in a style of writing that fits your needs and “speaks” to your audience. Our goal is to add value to your brand while keeping a fresh, but neutral, tone that complies with Wikipedia’s rules. We check for promotional language, industry jargon, or complex terminology so that none of it ends up in your content. At the same time, we make sure every relevant detail finds its place on your page to minimize the need for third-party interventions from contributors and editors.

The benefits of having a Wikipedia page

  • A privileged position in search results
  • A boost to your SEO
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Brand visibility
  • A higher level of trust

Wikipedia page translation services

Once Wikipedia editors have approved your page, you can translate it into multiple languages. It’s an immense opportunity to increase your online visibility among multilingual audiences, in all countries where you plan to expand your business.
We collaborate with professional translators who can make your Wikipedia page accessible to all your target audiences, regardless of the language they speak. Our linguists follow the same standards required by Wikipedia for writing and editing your multilingual pages.
Our professional translators understand the essence of your content and have the skills necessary to carry over the same meaning into the target language. They’re also aware of cultural sensitivities, tones and idioms – all necessary when you want a piece of content to sound natural and fluent. Such results are still impossible to get by working exclusively with machine translation.

Wikipedia page editing services

If having your page published on Wikipedia seems like the hardest thing on the internet, wait and see what happens when that page finally goes live.

Wikipedia is a living organism, in which contributors and editors from five continents make an average of 1.8 edits each second. What you’ve created in weeks of hard work can get modifications in a blink of an eye. Even if changes are meant to improve the quality of your page, some of them do the opposite. They may not reflect reality and/or damage your content (and your reputation).

When you have a Wikipedia page, you should always keep your eyes, and your browser, open. We have a team of Wikipedia experts who can monitor and review all the edits performed on your page. They check every suggestion from online contributors and make the appropriate modifications to make sure your brand doesn’t lose control over its own Wikipedia page.

Why choose us

  • Experienced writers who provide impeccable content, which is at the same time tailored
    to your brand and compliant with Wikipedia’s requirements. On top of their writing
    skills, our team of writers have mastered Wikitext (Wikipedia’s word processor), as well
    as the specific methods of citing sources.
  • Excellent research skills that allow us to find the most relevant references for your
    article. We take the time to verify each source before using it in your Wikipedia page,
    to minimize the risks of having the content flagged by official editors.
  • Global services provided by an international team of writers and translators who can
    deliver valuable and compelling content in any language.
  • Page management services through proficient Wikipedia page editors trained for
    tracking and reviewing suggestions. After publishing your Wikipedia page, we help
    you update it periodically, to maintain the quality and relevance of your content.
  • Consultancy in choosing the best resources to support your Wikipedia page and prove
    your notability-everything in complete confidentiality.
  • Six months guarantee, as a minimum period in which your page remains active
    on Wikipedia.

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