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seo challenge day 16

How “mobile” is your website?

A mobile-friendly website is more likely to rank high in search results.

More than 60% of Google’s organic search traffic originates from mobile devices. People use their smartphones to look for information online, and they don’t like scrolling from side-to-side to read the copy on a website that isn’t optimized for all devices.

Google strengthened the ranking signal from mobile-friendly websites back in 2016. For SEO purposes, your website content has to adapt to the size and functionality of mobile devices automatically. Everything you publish must be readable on small screens so that your website visitors don’t have to pinch-to-zoom because the words or buttons on a page are barely visible.

In other words, your website should have a “responsive design,” which enables your site to resize and adapt to various screen sizes to provide excellent user experience in any circumstances. By now, most websites have switched to themes and platforms that are suitable for all devices. If you stay behind, you lose traffic and sales.

Luckily, most services today use responsive design; therefore, the site may be all set. However, if you have any doubts that your website isn’t mobile-friendly enough, you can test it.

Your task for today is to go to the Mobile Device Friendly Test and see if any errors occur on your website during mobile use. The tool is free and is accessible through your Google Search Console account.

If you discover that your website doesn’t work on mobile, you need to identify what causes the errors and fix them as soon as possible. There are multiple reasons for which your pages don’t work on all devices, from poor mobile navigation and slow loading speed to not using a mobile responsive design.

You can use the Google Search Console as a starting point for identifying the elements that slow you down and making small adjustments. However, fixing the severe problems usually requires design and coding skills and in-depth understanding of responsive design principles, so you may need to work with a professional team for setting things correctly.

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